Software and Mixing Sites for DIY

software and diy mixing sites
e juice me up DIY calculator

DIY Calculators

These are considered necessary for mixing and storing recipes. Some are more basic than others, yet provide pretty much all one needs to mix e-juice. I suggest you try a couple and see which suits best. I use e-juice me up.

e juice me up 
Steam Engine 
Juice grinder

YouTube Videos on DIY Calculators

Resources to help with your DIY Mixing

There are forums that specialise in DIY – Recipes and development, mixing tips, reviews & discussion on flavours and e-liquids. Here are the ones I recommend and quite frankly these are probably the best of the best, especially when it comes to text based information.

e liquid recipes
DIY-ejuice on Reddit
Vaping Underground 

DIY Mixing Shows

I would consider these to be valuable resources for mixers at all levels.

MixLife – The DIY E-Liquid Show

The DIY E-Liquid show is dedicated to teaching adults How To Make Vape Juice, e-liquid Recipes, and general discussion about vaping news. This channel discusses flavors, DIY mixing tips, DIY e-juice tutorials, quick e-liquid tips, how to create an e-juice recipe, how to clone a vape shop juice, equipment for DIY mixing and more.

Beware – There’s a lot of rambling on these channel types, so it’s a matter of hanging in there to ensure you don’t miss out on what’s important. 

The Noted Show – This is part of both MixLife and DIYorDie and available within both YouTube channels. These video discussions are a panel of mixers that dedicate the whole show to a specific flavour group or type. 

All The Flavors

A free and premium resource. All The Flavors makes mixing your own e-liquid simple and quick. New DIY hobbyists, experienced mixers, and e-liquid professionals use All The Flavors to make recipe preparation, tracking, sharing and research easier.

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a lot of off topic irrelevant chatter with resources like this, specifically the video based ones. For those that may be concerned, there’s swearing too, so don’t expect a professional presentation. Having said that, there are mixers among them that are very knowledgeable, so don’t forget to take notes. 

If there is something you feel should be here, please let us know in the comments below.

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