Study shows vaping is the most effective and popular quitting method

The truth about vaping

More evidence that supports the importance of vaping has published a report highlighting a study from England that suggests vaping is helping more smokers to quit than any other method – and by a long way. Vaping was the most effective quitting aid and is by far the most popular method of quitting.

The study published in the journal Addiction reported on 18,929 smokers who had made a serious quit attempt in the previous 12 months over the period 2006-2018. Vaping increased quit rates by 95% and varenicline increased quit rates by 82% compared to no treatment.

Please visit ATHRA to read the full article.

Charles Yates

AKA Charles Vaper. Ex-smoker, current vaper and THR advocate. I started The Vapers Table in 2011 to offer information and support for smokers looking to transition to vaping. My interests are- Helping smokers quit, food, cooking, flavours, music, orchestral composing-studio recording & technology, travel & country road trips.

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