Support for smokers and new vapers

Vaping allows for-

  • Continuing the use of Nicotine
  • A very similar sensation to smoking at a significantly reduced risk
  • A more pleasurable and satisfying flavour
  • No cigarette smoke odour
  • No danger to others with second hand vapour (Recent research supports this)
  • A far cheaper option than purchasing tobacco / cigarettes
  • Within the first 2 weeks, most will notice positive health benefits

Common support topics

  • How to get started
  • Recommendations on what to buy - where and why. I support Australian vendors
  • Types of electronic cigarettes - eGo Vape Pens - Starter Kits - Mods
  • e Liquids, Flavourings and Nicotine
  • My experience with transitioning from smoking
  • Tips to increase your chances of quitting smoking

Why You May Need Face To Face Support

Whilst I am happy to discuss vaping over the phone, those that are serious about quitting smoking should really consider meeting with me, or a fellow vaper. A hands on face to face approach is the best means to gauge one's suitability to vaping, as well as finding a suitable device; not to mention a satisfying e liquid.

One on one support has proven to be the best means of grasping the basics. Statistics show that some form of initial guidance and support significantly increases one's chances of switching to vaping.

Table Meets

I offer this free service to adult smokers living in the Sydney region. I invite you to come and join me for a coffee so we can sit and discuss Vaping. I'll provide as much information as you need and demonstrate how the various devices work. You can test drive a number of suitable e Cigs and sample some e liquids too. Please see our page for Sydney based Table Meets

Please Note: We do not sell products or services, nor are we affiliated with any vendors.

Phone Support: 0452-195447 Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm

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