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Fruit and dessert flavours are delicious without Nicotine

Last week, after a Table Meet Appointment at the Hunters Hill Hotel, I met three women vapers who were able to quit and transition without the need for nicotine. All three were enjoying a blend of fruits and cream, although they first started out, as most tend to do, with tobacco flavours. I asked them what struggles they encountered and the general consensus was that it wasn’t that difficult.

I’ll spare you the usual rhetoric on the failure of traditional replacement therapies such as patches and gums and no, they did not help in their case. Surprise, surprise.

A Dependency on Comfort

For many, this may seem a pipe dream, but the reality is that there are those who actually have a dependency that has very little to do with nicotine, or even the supporting additives we find in cigarettes. There are many who simply have a fixation with what is known as ‘hand to mouth’. There’s a desire and or comfort in holding something, as well as the satisfaction we derive from inhalation.

This is certainly one of the primary reasons behind the struggles of smoking cessation and again, it has little or nothing to do with nicotine. I’m not saying that nicotine doesn’t play a role, many benefit from the calming and satisfying effects that nicotine provides, but for some, and perhaps even many, other factors can be paramount.

What I find equally fascinating, is that so many are completely oblivious to it, yet moreover, this makes vaping an even greater bedfellow.  From my perspective, it places its role as a smoking cessation method, justifiably above all other methods.

The best way to quit is to slowly reduce smoking

One of the women helped her friends by a method I’ve long supported, which ironically is to keep on smoking and vape as often as possible in between. Obviously, one needs to work on reducing their cigarette consumption, but the time will invariably come when you suddenly realise that you’re quite content with puffing some wild berries and cream, as opposed to the often harshness of cigarette tobacco.

I make it sound easy, but it’s not always the case, as our brains are all wired differently. However, I honestly believe that this is key, and in most cases, this method of transition is not only preferable, but it can make for a relatively smooth one.

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