The ABC’s of Vaping

The Language of Vaping - Common Terms

Making sense of this new language

Common abbreviations and terms for Vaping. These are some of the important ones you need to be aware of.

510 – The most common thread style or form factor of electronic cigarettes. There are others that have given numbers. Such as 801, 901 and so on
ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar. Common for tobacco juices but also for fruits. Can use white vinegar too
Analog or Analogue – Another name for a traditional cigarette
Adaptor – An individual connector that screws onto a e cig/mod to allow for alternate designed fittings
ADV – All day vape – Ones favourite e liquid
AFC – Air Flow Control. The means to adjust the amount of air passing through the coils. More airflow=more vapour and generally less flavour. Less airflow=less vapour and more flavour. Beginners look toward MTL tanks with less airflow.
AIO – All In One – Some starter kit e Cigs are AIO, meaning a complete unit with built in tank, drip tip and battery. A sealed unit with a single fire button commonly using sub oHm coils. Such as the Aspire PockeX
APV – Advanced Personal Vapouriser
Atomiser – A heating coil that is activated by the battery to produce vapour. Generally inside a Tank
Atty – An abbreviation for an Atomiser
BAT – Short for Battery
BCC – Bottom Coil Clearomiser
BDC – Bottom Dual Coil / Clearomiser
BVC – Bottom Vertical Coil
Bottom Feeder – An e-cig mod with a built-in tank that feeds e-liquid through the bottom of the atomiser or device, keeping it wet without the need to refill
Bridge – A U-shaped covering inside the atomiser. This is used to absorb liquid and help wick towards the heating element
BP – Big Pharmacutical
BT – Big Tobacco Companies
Cartridge – A delivery system that is generally made of plastic filled with an absorbent filler like cotton.
It comes with a mouthpiece or tip that is generally removable. The filler material absorbs the e liquid or juice
Cart – Abbreviation for Cartridge
Carto – Abbreviation for Cartomiser
Cartomiser – A cartridge and or tank (reservoir) with an atomiser or coil head in a single unit.
These are usually disposable and quite affordable. Once one of the most common forms of delivery systems
CASAA – Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (
Cigalikes – First Generation e Cigs. AKA Electronic Cigarettes, Disposables.
CE – Clearomiser type such as CE4 or 5. Could stand for Clearo Edition but unsure
Condom – The silicone plastic end cap that appears on the ends of a carto to stop leakage. (The original is best for your penis)
Date Vape – A small on the go simple starter device generally suitable for stealth vaping
DC – Dual Coil- (Relating to delivery systems) Two heating coils instead of one
DCC – Dual Coil cartomiser utilising two coils. Great vape for many but drains battery faster
DCT – Dual Coil Tank
Delivery System – A unit that holds and expels the e liquid such as an Atty, Cartomiser or Clearomiser Tank
Diketones – A group of chemicals such as Diacetyl that provide a rich buttery flavour. Some wish to avoid these in e liquids
DIY – Refers to Do it yourself – making your own e liquids
DL – Direct Lung. One of the two methods of vaping. Taking a drag directly into the lungs before exhaling
Drip Shield – Not to be confused with a drip tip. Designed to prevent e liquid from leaking through the atomiser, eliminating the mess and preventing damage to your e-Cig “inside electronics” that is caused by leakage. Helps with a tighter draw, and a cooler vape
Drip Tip – A mouth piece that is placed on top of a delivery system such as an Atomiser
Drip Well – A recessed top on the threading of an e Cig to catch e liquid that leaks out of the delivery system
Dripping – The method of dripping juice directly onto an atomiser. This method produces the best representation of any e liquid due to a lack of filler material or additional housing and parts
Dual Coil – See DC
DW – Distilled Water (For DIY)
E-Cig – An abbreviation for an Electronic Cigarette
E-Juice – Also referred to as e liquid, Juice, or eJuice
E-Liquid – See above
ECF – The Electronic Cigarette Forum
eGo – (AKA Vape Pens) A second generation electronic cigarette that offers variable voltage
ENDS – Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
GRAS – Generally Recognised As Safe
ICR – Lithium ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery
IMR – Lithium ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery
Juice – E-Liquid
Kick – Either refers to Throat Hit or a device made by Evolv that allows one to regulate the voltage/wattage of your mod
KR-808 – Once a common small form factor e-cigarette model
Low Resistance (LR) An atomiser or cartomiser with a lower Ohm rating than standard equipment.
This can cause the heating element or coil to get hotter and thus producing more vapour.
Getting the correct balance between oHms and voltage plays a major role in producing a satisfying vape
LR – Abbreviation for Low Resistance
mAh – A unit for measuring electric power over time
Mechanical Mod – Has no electronics and is governed by the Atomiser
MG – The qty of nicotine contained in each ML of e-liquid. It’s also representing a percentage.
e-liquid containing 24 MG of nicotine per ML contains 2.4% of nicotine
Mod – An e Cig generally with electronics providing variable voltage and or variable wattage.
A more advanced device (APV) than Cigalike first generation. Ability to hold a larger battery
MTL – Mouth to Lung. The way we inhale, much like smoking.
NETs – Naturally-extracted tobacco
NTN – Non tobacco nicotine. A newer synthetic form
NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy
OHMS – A unit of electrical resistance applicable to atomisers and coils
Passthrough – An e Cig device that plugs into the USB port or charger and allows one to vape without having to be concerned with battery life
PCC – Abbreviation for a Personal Charging Case
PEG – Used as an alternative to PG/VG in e liquids.
Pen Style – First generation e Cigs or Cigalikes
Personal Charging Case – A portable charger case that generally holds a spare battery whilst charging another.
It charges while you’re on the go and away from a power outlet. Generally used and manufactured for the pen style types
Personal Vapouriser (Abbreviated as PV) Another name for a Mod
PG – Abbreviation for Propylene Glycol. This liquid enhances flavour and is one of the main ingredients in most e liquid or flavourings
PGA – Pure Grain Alcohol
Pick n Puff – A simple single button or auto-firing starter e Cig device.
Propylene Glycol (Abbreviated as PG) See above
PV – Abbreviation for Personal Vapouriser
RBA – Rebuildable Atomiser
RDA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
RDTA – Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser
RTA – Rebuildable Tank Atomiser
RTV – Ready to vape
Resistance – See ohms
Steeping – Ageing e liquid (same principal as wine) – Allowing for flavours to sit and rest for one week to a month in a cool dark cupboard or cellar
Sweet Spot – Rated in oHms. This is ones ideal settings to provide a satisfying vaping level
TC – A Temperature Controlled device (Fourth generation mods)
TH – Abbreviation for Throat Hit. This is what many vapers want and need.
Aids in providing a similar feel to smoking. The sensation of smoke hitting the back of the throat
THR – Tobacco Harm Reduction
Throat Hit (Abbreviated as TH) See above
Tootle Puffer – A Vaper who requires no more vapour than a cigarette. A low wattage vaper
Transition – Moving from Tobacco to Vaping
Vape – To smoke or inhale from an e Cig
Vape Pen – Also known as eGo style. Second generation devices that generally offer variable voltage.
Some of today’s Vape Pens, such as the Endura T 18, don’t offer VV but do provide low oHm atomises for improved vapour production.
Vegetable Glycerin (Abbreviated as VG) An ingredient found in most e liquid. This is one of the main ingredients used that produces the vapour. VG produces more vapour than PG provides promotes flavour and Throat Hit. Many users who are allergic to PG use 100% VG Juice
VG – Abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin
VV – Variable Voltage
VW – Variable Wattage
WTA – Whole Tobacco Alkaloid


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