The simplicity of vaping

Helping smokers quit

It’s not about high wattage – Nor huge clouds of vapour

Updated Nov 2018

Like so many things in life, vaping can be as complex or as simple as you wish, or perhaps I should say as simple as need be. For the overwhelming majority though, a pick ‘n’ puff device (a single button or auto-firing e Cig) is sufficient to get you started; enough to reduce or eliminate your daily tobacco intake.

And have no fear folks. That yummy cup of wakey, wakey caffeine will be just as happy sharing a morning vape with a simplistic e Cig, as opposed to than that outdated, old-school nicotine delivery system, otherwise known as a cigarette.

AIO power button
Aspire PockeX AIO
Innokin-EQ Pod System
Innokin EQ Pod System

So, it doesn’t have to be about high powered devices and massive amounts of vapour. What it’s really about is finding a suitable device and an enjoyable e liquid. That’s 90 percent of the battle and today it’s not that difficult.

The majority of review videos generally show a vaper taking long hard drags and blowing massive amounts of vapour; we call those clouds. Whilst this may be what some vapers wish for, I can assure you it’s not a necessity in terms of transitioning from smoking.

I’m a strong proponent in the opinion that vapers should use the lowest possible wattage, with the least amount of e-liquid ingredients, for the shortest period of time“.

However, some tend to stick with vaping more long-term, as they enjoy the comforts of hand to mouth and or inhalation. But I also know many who looked at it as a short-term option, simply to rid their system of any dependency, be it on on tobacco, additives and or nicotine.

It is true that many can be satisfied with the simplest of devices, but for some, curiosity get’s the better of them and they’re off experimenting with various tanks and atomisers, and yes, at times more advanced vaporisers. 

What’s the best way to get started?

Simple really depends on one’s needs or point of view, but most importantly, the majority of smokers can focus on a number of easy to use devices from our Starter e Cigs section.

Studies have proven that it’s best to meet with a fellow vaper and try vaping first-hand. While you’re at it, get an overview of vaping and gain sufficient knowledge to move forward. Please see our Support Page. If you’d rather, you can always go visit a vape shop if one is nearby.

Another possible hurdle with switching to vaping is finding a suitable e liquid. It’s not the e Cig device, in my opinion that’s pretty simple. e-liquids are what many judge the experience by. If something satisfies, you’re more likely to stick with it, which in turn makes it easier to quit smoking. Whilst everything vaping related can come down to trial and error, personal support has proven to be the best way forward.

If today’s simple and effective devices were available when I first tried vaping, it wouldn’t have taken numerous attempts...

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2 thoughts on “The simplicity of vaping”

  1. Hey, Great article!
    You are completely right. Vaping is socially acceptable in many public places where smoking is not. Vape is a big advantage over smoking. Many ex smokers who thought they would never manage to quit smoking have switched to smoking and then discovered that they could leave it. They often choose to keep vaping because they like it, but feel they could stop any time they wanted. In my opinion, the obvious advantage of vaping is lower health risk. The availability of interesting e-liquid flavors makes vaping more enjoyable.

    • Hello David,

      Thanks for your comments. Here in Australia, we face an uphill battle for acceptance, and I believe it’s getting worse. I’m forever the optimist though and believe that one day it will be more socially acceptable. Governments and various health organisations use the old excuse of awaiting evidence of long-term studies to prove potential benefits.

      It’s all about protecting the tax dollars from tobacco sales and for that, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

      Take care, and thanks again.

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