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Updated April 2018

For some time now, vapers and those seeking to transition from smoking, have been supported by a team of enthusiastic vapologists, all housed in a sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy, inviting and impressive brick and mortar in Beaconsfield, Sydney. I have yet to visit the Parramatta store.

The Steamery, formerly Steam e-Cigs, is run by Maxim and Nat, a delightful couple offering a much-needed service in this ever-growing metropolis. The staff play a huge role too, they’re courteous, patient and knowledgeable, and have contributed much to making The Steamery one of the go-to vape shops in Sydney.

Josh for one, who’s been around for ages, is a heck of a nice guy, and recently spent quite a lot of time helping me sort out some coil issues I was having, as well as allowing me to try a few new tanks. (Sadly, Josh is no longer there) 

Not only do they offer a wide range of hardware and e-liquids, and a trusted source of education, but on occasion, they host vape meets, and it’s always nice to see the regulars and welcome some new faces. 

And for some unknown reason, many vapers just love to sit, hang around and chat. Yes, about vaping. Everything else is secondary.

Whilst there’s always an option to order supplies online, irrespective of where you choose to buy, a physical location allows you to try out devices before you commit your hard-earned dollars.

Josh assisting customers

It’s all about the juice

Of equal importance is the opportunity to sample a variety of e-liquids. Those new to vaping, or exploring the option, will find the tasting bar invaluable, as e-liquid plays a huge role in how we gauge satisfaction.

Real Customer Service – A Telephone

The Steamery actually publish a phone number on their site and that’s pretty rare these days. Too many vendors neglect to provide that level of service, opting for emails only. If you’re serious about business, you need to provide a phone number. 

The Steamery Website  Ph: 02 9698 2623

Beaconsfield Store

SHOP 30/506-514 BOTANY RD,
Ph: 02 9698 2623

Parramatta Store

Ph: 02 9698 2623

Thanks to Maxim, Nat and all the staff for what you do. You’re providing an important service for those wishing to make the transition, and an almost unlimited supply of Mods, Tanks, e-liquids and accessories for all.

Charles Yates

Ex-smoker, current vaper and THR advocate. I started The Vapers Table in 2011 to offer information and support for smokers looking to transition to vaping. My interests are- Helping smokers quit, food, cooking, flavours, music, orchestral composing-studio recording & technology, travel & country road trips.

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