Vaping forums are a great resource


Communication is key to learning

There are a number of quality forums both here and abroad, and no matter what level your vaping journey is at, I strongly recommend you join at least one. Websites such as this one can only go so far, but vaping forums provide a plethora of additional information, guides, experience from real end-users, and not to mention an opportunity to have one’s questions answered from multiple perspectives.

Australian Forums

Vaper Cafe Australia
Aussie Vapers
Vaping in Australia

Vaper Cafe Australia is my first choice for forums, largely because I like the people, but it’s also the forum utilised for the NNA AU, (New Nicotine Alliance) an advocacy group working to legalise nicotine for vaping in Australia. There’s great support for those new to vaping too.

Aussie Vapers have more members, but for as long as I can remember it’s been infected with malware and viruses. It’s apparent that they’ve largely ignored this and it’s been like this for almost 2 years. I believe that accessing it via mobile phones is safer but I like to use my PC.

Vaping in Australia is the newer home for Aussie vapers and appears to be safe, at least from my experience.

UK Forums

Planet of the Vapes

I believe it’s the most common forum in the UK although I have never registered. Loads of useful info, however.

USA Forums

ECF- e-cigarette forum
Reddit e-cigs
Vaping Underground
E Liquid Recipes

Due to the internet being global, it really doesn’t matter what forum you join although there are certain advantages to sticking local. No matter which one you decide, please give back once you’re up to speed. Knowledge is a wonderful thing and meant to be shared.

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