Vaping from the BBC – Trust me I’m a Doctor

There is now empirical and undeniable evidence to support the fact that vaping, whilst a form of Tobacco Harm Reduction, is significantly safer than smoking. The common quote today of vaping being “95 % safer than smoking”, whilst true on average, must ultimately be based on the type and use of the atomiser, as well as the contents of one’s e-liquid. In other words, what’s in the tank?

The science and medical community are fairly confident that the inhalation of Nicotine and Propylene Glycol is safe, even for long-term use. Although long-term studies on the inhalation of Vegetable Glycerin have not been conducted, it is believed that VG will also be given a fairly clean bill of health.

Ironically, the major ingredient that could potentially be harmful is that of certain concentrated flavours; in particular, those that contain custard notes such as Diacetyl. Notwithstanding this, any possible harm is magnitudes lower than that of smoking.

Those fortunate to have transitioned to vaping, will more than likely discover the health benefits fairly quickly. There is no question that irrespective of the flavours and equipment utilised, vaping can be a life-saver.

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