Vaping Myths and facts with Dr Farsilinos

From The Regulator Watch You Tube Channel.

Are e-cigarettes a gateway for young people to take up smoking? Is second-hand vapour a risk to others? Should vapers be concerned about flavour ingredients? And, is nicotine dangerous, warranting strict regulatory control? These are just some of the questions RegWatch executive producer Brent Stafford put to Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, cardiologist and internationally renowned expert on e-cigarette research. Hear what he has to say.

Dr Farsalinos is a leading cardiovascular specialist, and in terms of vaping, is the most renowned and respected member of the medical industry. For a number of years now he’s extensively researched various aspects of vaping and its role in harm reduction. His website has a number of published journals and is a good source for additional information.

I find Brent’s style a little too scripted, however, I do respect the work he’s doing, and it’s what you take away from it that counts.

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