Vaping Support

Vaping Support for Smokers and New vapers

A free service for current smokers wishing to quit, and newer vapers looking to maximise the experience.

Whilst I’m happy to discuss vaping over the phone or email, a hands-on face to face approach increases the likelihood of quitting smoking. and helps you determine what type of setup is most suitable.

Our free Sydney based “Table Meets” are designed to do just that. 
We invite you to experiment with vaping and support you through the transition process.

Vaping Offers

Continuing the use of Nicotine
Mirrors smoking at a reduced risk
A more pleasurable and satisfying flavour
No tobacco smoke odour
No harm to others with second-hand vapour
Less expensive than purchasing tobacco
Within 2 weeks, most notice positive health benefits

Common Support Topics

How to get started
Recommendations on products
Types of e-Cigs – Starter Kits – Mods
e Liquids, flavourings and nicotine
My experience with transition
Tips to help you quit smoking
Methods to maximise the experience

Vaporesso swag
Why vaping is so successful as a smoking cessation method
  • It accurately mirrors the sensation of smoking
  • Offers the same ‘hand to mouth’ comfort as smoking
  • Offers the satisfaction of Inhalation
  • The vast array of enjoyable flavours
  • The knowledge that it’s a far healthier option
  • Level of support from vapers
  • Long-term financial benefits

Those looking for advice or a second opinion, please contact us using the form below.
You may also call us if you prefer. Our hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Ph: 0452-195447. 

We look forward to hearing from you and thanks for stopping by.

Charles and Megan

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