Vaping With Nicotine vs. Nicotine Free

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Why using nicotine may be your best option

Nicotine use has long been a controversial subject, but vaping with nicotine not only helps to limits one’s daily puff count, it also offers us that much-needed dollop of satisfaction and contentment.

I’ll refrain from jumping on my soapbox and reiterating the proven benefits of pharmaceutical nicotine, specifically from a neurological standpoint, so let’s just look at vaping, with or without what some are referring to as the new wonder drug. 

A smoother transition

There’s no question that e-liquid containing nicotine is desired by the overwhelming majority of smokers wishing to make the switch. Although I’ve met quite a few who have transitioned successfully with zero nicotine e-juice, most will experience a smoother and perhaps more satisfying journey with nicotine included. Many also import nicotine and add it to their doublers, or use it in their DIY.

Vaping less frequently

I gave up nicotine for many months, vaping only flavours mixed with a 50/50 blend of PG and VG. What I did notice was I tended to vape far more frequently, and quite frankly I was often chain vaping.  I wanted to see if after all these years I could do away with nicotine, and although I obviously can, limiting one’s inhalation of anything is probably a sensible approach.

I returned to using nicotine about two months ago and I certainly don’t reach for my vapes quite as often.

As we’re aware, nicotine offers a relaxed, calming state of mind. We now know that nicotine outside the context of cigarettes or tobaccos is relatively harmless, as many in the medical profession equate its level of harm to that of caffeine. When we vape with nicotine, we feel much as we did when we smoked, and depending on the strength or milligram per millilitre level of the nic, we tend to vape less.

The key to vaping less is generally based on one’s nicotine strength.

Is nicotine the only addictive culprit?

Many are convinced that nicotine is highly addictive, and therefore the reason why one billion or so smokers have such a hard time quitting. In part, this is due to a somewhat incorrect assumption. For myself, as well as many others (who may or may not realise it) it is also the hand to mouth and pleasure of inhalation (albeit that it’s odd) that can keep us reaching for our vaporisers, and or the dreaded coffin nails.

Whether one vapes with or without nicotine, isn’t really important. Vaping saves lives and it’s proving to be the most successful method for quitting smoking. That’s what’s important.

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