Examples of Suitable Beginner Starter kits

suitable beginners starter kits

Simplicity and performance are the key elements

Updated March 2019

The above image of Aspire’s Tigon, is a fine example of a suitable starter e-cig for a beginner vaper. Those wishing to experiment or switch to vaping are often put off by devices with too many options, as well as complex menu systems. Most smokers I meet with want a balance of performance and satisfaction, coupled with an easy to use and maintain device.

Our Starter Kits section has some hand-picked recommendations that are perfect for beginner vapers. Many of these are also suitable long-term, either as one’s primary unit or as a back-up.

Many advertised Starter Kits are far from suitable

Most e-commerce vaping sites list beginner devices under the category of “starter kits”.  Whilst there may be a number of suitable ones to choose from, many if not most are either too complex, have unnecessary features, or are simply too bulky. 

There are kits with e-cigs that offer up to 200 watts of power, various temperature control-settings with complex menu systems, and on top of all that, the tanks coils or atomisers offering resistance as low as 0.1 ohms.

Low ohm coils are used to produce those large clouds of vapour that many are attracted to. I need to point out that this is not necessary for a satisfying vape or switching to vaping, it’s just something that some people enjoy. However, the amount of vapour production can be controlled by the duration of  the puff.

The industry is driven largely by the demands and desires of hobbyist veteran vapers, ones that desire more complex, customisable devices. But what about the smokers and or those needing a simple yet effective device? One that provides sufficient satisfaction to transition and quit smoking. And what of the elderly?

Let’s take a look at what I consider to be the perfect types of beginner starter kits –

Devices for Current Smokers and New Vapers

1) Pod Systems

Innokin EQ Pod system
Innokin EQ Pod
Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod
Aspire nautilus AIO Pod

Pod e-cig systems have matured greatly over the past year or so, with some offering sufficient performance to help smokers quit, or at the very least cut down. However, for heavier smokers, these are best as either a secondary unit, a back-up device, or as a stealth device – (To vape where and when you’re not supposed to)

A pod systems performance generally sits somewhere in between a cigalike and an AIO, although recent models are moving closer to that of the AIO’s. 

2) AIO - All In One

Aspire PockeX AIO

Many of the smokers we meet with, at least 75% of them, lean toward AIO’s as they’re often the perfect compromise. These are excellent simple to use e-cigs with a built-in tank, and house only a single power-fire button.

They produce more than sufficient vapour and flavour to satisfy, even for the heavier smoker. Battery life is generally quite longer than Pod systems, and can last an average smoker a full day. I use mine daily, especially when I’m heading outdoors, but if you’re a heavier smoker or vaper, I’d recommend having two units.

3) Stick Mods - Vape Pen-AIO Fusions

Aspire Tigon Starter Kit
Aspire Tigon Kit

Apart from the AIO style e-cigs, there are numerous two-part starter kits that have a battery section and a separate screw-on tank.  Whilst they’re not an AIO, many tend to consider this type of device a variation of a vape pen or AIO, as they too house just a single power-fire button, and their performance is governed primarily by the tanks coil. 

Aspire have recently released the Tigon kit which has quickly become one of my favourites, offering tremendous performance, great flavour, along with the simplicity of use. This particular model is capable of slightly more power and vapour than most AIO’s I’ve tried.

The major benefit of this style over an AIO, is that the tank can often be unscrewed and used on Mods or alternate, similar designed devices. Many also provide slightly more oomph than an AIO. These are what I generally recommend for heavier smokers, or those looking for a device that’s capable of producing a lot of vapour. 

The next stage

Granted, some experimenting with vaping like the idea of a little more power and options right from the get-go. At most I may suggest a more basic or simplistic entry level mod, but rarely do I recommend anything close to some of the power-house 200 watt devices out there. 

Our Mods section has a few examples of devices or kits that are considered a step above these.

For most beginner vapers, there’s little need for complex menu systems, wattage over 50 or so, coils rated lower than 0.5 ohms, or devices that take more than a single battery. As with many things, too many choices creates confusion and uncertainty.

Charles Yates

Ex-smoker and current vaper. Started The Vapers Table in 2011. Interests are - Advocacy and helping smokers quit with vaping. Food-cooking, music, recording technology, travel & country road trips.

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