What a vape starter kit should be

Innokin EZ Watt
Innokin EZ-Watt
Aspire PockeX
Aspire PockeX

The above pics are examples of what I would consider being suitable Starter e-Cigs/Kits for a beginner vaper. Those transitioning or trying to switch to vaping don’t generally need a lot of options. They certainly don’t require 100 plus watts, complex menu systems or even temperature control.

Far too many advertised starter kits are anything but.

Today, it’s standard practice for e-commerce sites to list a bunch of so-called starter kits that in reality, don’t belong in that category at all.

There are devices that take 2 x 18650 batteries, offer 300 watts of power, various temperature control-settings, multiple coil choices for a 5-8 ml tank, and on top of all that, offers resistance as low as 0.1 ohms.

Now, what the hell does all this mean to a beginner looking for a starter e-Cig? Total and utter confusion, that’s what. No wonder many shy away from vaping.

An example of what a starter kit is not-

The Smok X-Priv Kit

Material: Zinc alloy
Power Range: 1W-225W
Standby Current: 500uA
Voltage Range: 0.5V-9.0V
Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3ohm (VW)/0.05ohm-2ohm (TC)
Temperature Range: 200F-600F/100C-315C
Battery support: Dual 18650
Working modes: POWER/SS316/SS317/TiI/NI200/TCR
Coils supporting: Nickel chrome/stainless steel 316/stainless steel 317/nickel 200/TCR/titanium

The industry is driven largely by the demands and desires of current or veteran vapers. This is why we see so many devices offering higher power- watts, as well as lower resistance in coils (atomisers). Lower resistance can offer far more vapour, something cloud chasers and many enthusiasts love.

But what about the smokers and or those needing a simple yet effective device? One that provides sufficient satisfaction to transition and quit smoking. And what about the elderly?

What most smokers need

Many of the smokers I’ve met, at least 60-70 % of them, are thankful that variations of an AIO, or All In One device exist. A simple unit with a built-in tank and only a single power/fire button.

Aspire’s PockeX is a perfect example. It utilises fairly low ohm coils (sub ohm to be exact) and produces more than sufficient vapour and flavour to satisfy. Although it’s an actual starter kit, I use mine daily.

Apart from the AIO style, there are numerous 2 part starter kits that offer simplicity and performance; devices that have a battery section and a separate screw-on tank.

An example could be Innokin’s EZ Watt.

Granted, some smokers like a little more power, and even more options right from the get-go. At most I may suggest an entry level mod, but nothing like the power-house above. 

When it comes to starter kits, (I’m assuming that means a suitable device for someone starting out, right?) can we not keep it simple? Let’s put many of these so-called starter kits where they belong, under mods.

There’s no need for complex menu systems, wattage over 50 or so, coils rated lower than 0.5 ohms, or devices that take more than a single battery.

As with many things, too many choices creates confusion and uncertainty. 

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(Photo Credit for man holding PockeX – Vape Don’t Smoke YouTube channel)


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