When to change your replaceable coils

They don’t last forever. On average, generally a week or two

Today’s replacement Clearomiser coils are effective, easy to replace and very inexpensive. The average lifespan is up to two weeks however, there are many variables that come into play. These include such things as the frequency of your vape, settings – wattage and ohms, e-liquid type and viscosity. 

Some common signs your Coil is dying

  • Lack of Vapour
  • Reduction in flavour
  • Resistance – Coils can start to increase in ohms as they age and die out
  • Constant gurgling and or leaking
  • Slight burnt taste and or e-liquid tasting off

Gurgling and leakage

At times this is caused by flooding the coils, and or placing too much primer juice directly onto the coil. The first thing to do is to blow out any excess juice from the top of the coil onto a paper towel, this is often most effective. Try replacing the coil if this doesn’t help. 

Maximise the life of your Coils

  • Always stick to the recommended wattage range
  • Keep the coil wet and prime prior to use
  • Let newly inserted coils sit for 5 minutes before use
  • Don’t push new coils, start at a lower wattage and work up
  • Do not dry burn coils, ever

Please see our guide to maximising your coils

Cleaning Coils

As an example, a 5 blister pack of coils cost can cost up to $ 20.00, often less, so I see little point in spending time experimenting with cleaning solutions. One may get an extra day or so but really it’s not worth the hassle.

For the majority who wish to explore Vaping, using Clearomisers with replacement coils is a safe, effective and satisfying means of vaping. I’ve been vaping for a number of years and I still use them daily.

Changing Coils

Here’s a video on priming using and replacing coils. The YouTube link below offers more results relating to various coils. 

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