How and Where to Buy Nicotine

Where to buy Nicotine
Nicotine from Wick and Wire NZ

Nicotine Types and Options

Updated Nov 2018

Purchasing nicotine must currently be obtained from overseas suppliers. This may sound complicated but the process is really very simple, and your nicotine will arrive within a few days to a week depending on the shipping method. When we purchase nicotine we have a number of options including – 

  • Nicotine Type
  • Strength
  • PG and VG Ratio
  • Millilitres – Size 

Standard Nicotine

Regular nicotine is known as Freebase or Unflavoured, which is nicotine that is mixed with either straight PG or VG, or at times available in varying percentages of both. This is the type of nicotine that vapers have been using for years.

In contrast to the newer salt based nicotine solutions, freebase nicotine offers a higher degree of throat hit, caused by the levels of PH and alkalinity. It’s also less expensive than salt based. It’s a more pure form, yet, can be quite harsh when used at higher mg/ml levels, although many factors come into play – Such as device used, wattage and PG-VG ratios.

Nicotine Salts

This is a relatively new form of nicotine and one that is gaining in popularity, especially for users of Pod Systems and lower wattage devices such as AIO’s or MTL tanks.

In essence, it’s primarily the same nicotine but it includes benzoic acid, which lowers the PH levels offering a much smoother vape. The major advantage here is that one can vape higher levels of nicotine without the harshness of regular nicotine. This is particularly satisfying for new vapers who are trying to quit smoking, as they get a much better hit.

Another big plus for salts is that it can really help cut down the amount one vapes, when used at levels about freebase nicotine.

Strength and Ratios

Nicotine is more economical when purchasing higher strengths such as 100 mg/ml. This way it can be mixed down considerably, making it more economical. Standard Freebase nicotine is commonly available in 100 ml bottles, all the way up to 4 litre containers. 

  • Nicotine salts tend to be sold in smaller containers, generally 100 to 200 mls.
  • Irrespective of the nicotine type, I recommend buying 100 mg/ml in 200 ml bottles if available. Some vendors only sell 100 ml. 
  • All nicotine is best bought in a PG base.

Nicotine laws

Current Laws for importing nicotine. Some find this a tad confusing, which is understandable. You are permitted to purchase and or import a 3 month supply although just how much that equates to is somewhat of a grey area. However, I wouldn’t order more than a litre at a time, and personally I only ever order around 200-250 mls. 

The law also states that in order to take possession of nicotine, you are required to have a prescription from a registered Australian doctor. From what I gather, most vapers tend to not bother with this, and putting aside the absurdity, most doctors aren’t even aware, or understand how the procedure works.

Nicotine Vendors

New Zealand

Mixology Vapes 
Shipping is quick, and is delivered by courier to your door in about 4 days.
They have good prices,  good online service, and use fairly good quality nicotine, both regular and salts.

Wick and Wire Co.
An Australian based vaping store and e-commerce providing nicotine and e liquids from their NZ facility.

Vapoureyes NZ
An Australian based vaping store and e-commerce providing nicotine and e liquids from their NZ facility.

USA Vendors

Nude Nicotine – Very high quality.
Carolina Xtraction Technologies – The highest quality you can buy 
Liquid Barn
My Freedom Smokes USA
Vaping Zone USA
RTS Vapes

China Vendors

HiLIQ   Very popular source for quality Freebase and Salt Based Nicotine. 

Nicotine is a dangerous substance, especially at higher mg/ml. Always keep it safely away from children and pets. Many store their bulk nicotine in glass bottles and keep it in the freezer. Don’t forget to label it accordingly!

I do not recommend those new to DIY purchase nicotine greater than 100 mg/ml.

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