WTA e liquids

WTA e liquids

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WTA e liquids have helped a lot of smokers with transition to vaping

Whole Tobacco Alkaloids

Updated June, 2017 (First posted on Dec 2012)

For some vapers, this e juice has made all the difference. For those that are unfamiliar with WTA you can read about it at the Aroma e juice website.

What is WTA and what does it do?

WTA contains minor tobacco alkaloids along with nicotine in the form of a traditional e-liquid. The process used to purify nicotine from tobacco, for traditional E-juice, is rather specific in that it isolates the nicotine with very few traces of other tobacco alkaloids. The WTA extraction method includes these other alkaloids.

WTA is designed to assist smokers in transitioning, and or help stem the cravings and withdrawals that one may experience when reducing or quitting smoking. The additional alkaloids can offer a relaxed feeling, and for many, make them feel like they have just had a traditional cigarette. 

WTA is generally sold in two forms. Either a pure concentrated form, sometimes referred to as DIY or unflavoured, or as an infused liquid, offered in a variety of flavours, just like traditional e liquids.

Any product that ventures outside the realm of normality will attract discussion and debate. Aroma’s WTA has certainly been subjected to both“.

There are those that have had positive things to share, and those that remain apprehensive. Others have even made inappropriate statements, suggesting this is a marketing gimmick. Quite frankly, I find these comments to be detrimental to vapers who struggle with transition.

Ordering information is below.

My Experience with WTA

For some time I was known as a dual user, both smoking and vaping. I wasn’t able to fight the grasp that tobacco and moreover the additives had on me. It was a struggle, and although I was still smoking, I had managed to cut down from 2 PAD to one; at times even less. Vaping was essentially a supplement and whilst a 100% reduction was my goal, I realised that being hard on myself was counterproductive. A 50% reduction was a good result.

I first purchased the unflavoured or RAW version of WTA. Although empirical research or raw data on the subject was limited, I knew that the only way I could satisfy my curiosity was to try it. The first day was memorable because I could count on one hand how many cigarettes I had smoked. I’m pretty sure it was only four. Four, down from 20 was a satisfying result, to say the least.

The first week went by and although I was still smoking my 4 per day, I began to realise for the first time in 30 years, that the desire for a cigarette was wavering. I also tried a few flavours that are infused with WTA, and whilst they are not as potent to me as the unflavoured version, they do have sufficient traces of alkaloid to offer that calming and relaxed feeling that is so often attributed to WTA. Basically, one feels like they just had a cigarette.

A few months down the road and not only had I gone days without using WTA, but my tobacco intake was zero. Whilst it’s not something that I needed on a regular basis, it’s nice to have around when you have those tough days.

I’m not saying that WTA alone was paramount to this important lifestyle change. One’s determination and discipline plays into this also. My belief is that vaping becomes more natural over time, however, I doubt my transition period would have had this result, had I not discovered WTA.

I can understand those who have tried it, still experiencing the desire to supplement vaping with tobacco use. Our biological and genetic makeup is not the same.

“What’s good for the Goose may not be good for the Gander”.

However, the fact remains that for many, WTA can provide an additional solution to getting over the hurdle, or even to add an extra dimension to the vaping experience. For those that suffer during transition, or simply wish to add that familiar level of satisfaction from tobacco use, I can say that this is a must try, and I cannot understate the importance that this e liquid represents.

Ordering WTA e liquids

Here are the vendors you can order from. Please be aware that I have only tried WTA from Aroma e juice, who may or may not currently ship to Australia. Numerous sources from the states have informed me that Aroma e juice’s version is still superior in terms of quality and effectiveness. I have also been told that Om vapors provide the least expensive option.





Thanks to DogMan and Noe at the VCA forum for some of the vendor info.

There are other vendors selling WTA e liquids but I would be wary of some. I know for a fact that one or two US vendors (Sorry, I cannot mention them) are selling an inferior representation so, I would be cautious as to whom I purchase from. Stick with these reputable vendors or check with me.

Aroma ejuice were the ones who originally developed WTA, along with a chemist known as DVap.

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